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Are You Retirement Ready?

I have made a commitment to provide all of my clients with the experience and resources needed to help them make the best financial decisions.

As you continue to build your investment portfolio, I am pleased to provide a new tool that helps my clients create sustainable income in retirement while reducing some of the risks you may face during retirement. This new resource is called “Retirement Ready,” and it is designed for clients who are preparing for or are in their retirement.

The program expands upon traditional asset allocation and identifies a product allocation that may help you in retirement. By taking this approach, I am more clearly able to help you navigate through key risks such as market volatility, inflation, longevity and sequence of returns.

The RSQ Analyzer – Your Score

At the heart of the Retirement Ready Program is the RSQ Analyzer, which provides a numerical score known as your Retirement Sustainability Quotient or RSQ. This score measures the likelihood that your portfolio will generate the income you desire for the rest of your life. Your RSQ can range from 0%, where there is no likelihood of obtaining your desired income at retirement, to 99%, where your income stream is highly likely to be sustainable for life. Through its product allocation methodology, the Retirement Ready Program sets a new benchmark for helping my clients. John Hancock Financial Network is one of the first companies to bring this to market.

Calculate My RSQ Score

I am pleased to offer this expanded resource to you at no cost. Let’s discuss your retirement income needs so we can review them against your overall objectives. Building a retirement income strategy can help you protect your financial security – and avoid having to make tough choices later in life.

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